Procedures and Lifter-Use Requirements 

1. NEVER side-load spreader bar  

2. NEVER end-load trolleys (trunnions)

3. Side load will cause damage or failure

4. To avoid injury, keep hands and fingers clear of all spreader bar holes.

5. Keep hands free and fingers clear of trolleys (also known as trunnion)

6. The lug bolt holds the trolleys (trunnions) in place. Therefore, to avoid injury or death, lug bolt must always have on safety     nut and clip.

7. VERY CRITICAL (There is only 1/16 of an inch clearance between trolley and flange).

The bottom flange of the beam, where trolley (trunnion) roll, must be kept clean of small particles to prevent trolley form jamming.

8.The graphite stripe's purpose is to glide trolleys (trunnion) with ease against wear.

9. The center lug on bottom of bar is strictly to be used for light weight lifting with straight vertical lift, such as lifting welding machines of compressors.

10. Before changing off-set positions on spreader bar, the bar must be set on level CONCRETE ground before adjusting spacer positions to avoid tilting.

11. Before changing settings on trolleys to off-set positions on each side, unhook both cable trolley turn-buckles. Turn-buckles and cable must be tied-up safely during change.

12. When changing position on trolley, after removing safety nut and bolt, sliding one trolley will automatically and simultaneously move the other trolley. If rigging is attached at the time of changing the trolley positions, hoist spreader bar up about 2 feet and SLIGHTLY swing crane and trolley. Then, the trolley will begin to move.

13. Before changing settings on trolleys back to standard position equaling space on both sides of bar, set the bar onto level concrete ground to avoid tilting when changing positions. Then, reattach turn-buckle cable and make sure the pin has safety clip reinstalled.


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